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Caline P6 Fully Isolated Power Supply


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P6 True Isolated Power Supply

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For this mode P6, we adopt toroidal transformer to build this power supply to make sure it is in accordance with the EMC requirements. The radiation and current noise have been controlled in a very limited range. Short-circuit protection design for every output makes this power supply more safer. When the output overloading, the corresponding LED light would be turned off.

Totally isolated power supply for effect pedals



Operating temperature rage: 0°C to +40°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +75°C

Maximum loading current: 500mA

Switchable for 115V or 230V wall voltage

Dimensions: 18.3x6.5x4cm

Weight: 550g

Input Voltage:

AC Input voltage rating: 110V AC-120V AC and 220V AC-240 AC

The power input is switchable between 115V and 230V for use anywhere in the world.

Make sure the input voltage switch is set to the appropriate voltage for your country.

For example, the voltage of your country is 110V!120V, please switch to 115V.

When the voltage is 220V~240V, please flick to 230V. There is a backup 1A fuse in the input port.

Connect the IEC wall plug cable with the input jack and a wall socket.

Package List:

1×Wall plug cable

8×DC Power cables

1×AC to DC cable

1×polarity reversing cable

1×User Manual

Technical specifications

Condition: New