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Caline CP-57 Summer Night, California Sound


Product information

Caline CP-57 puts the early Mesa Boogie tone at your finger tips. Classic American style vintage high gain classic sounds can be sculpted with 6 different controls on this pedal. Very flexible, very loud. Feel the roar. Can be used for direct recording into your computer or put in front of your amp to give your sound a new character with a click of a button.
Models Amp Roar of a Mesa Boogie MK
6 controls for shaping EQ and overdrive response: Low, Mid, High, Level, and Drive
1. True Bypass design, with aluminium alloy casing  
2. Power requirements: AC adaptor 9v DC Center Negative
3. Current consumption: 50mA
4. Product Dimensions: 11.9x9.4x3.8cm
5. Weight:0.41kg