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Caline CP-36 Big Dipper Pitch Shifter Octave Pedal


Product information

Shipped directly from the Caline Factory in China.  Delivery 10 - 15 Days.

CP-36 Pitch Shifter


The Big Dipper Harmony pedal introduces a gorgeous backup singer to richen up your guitar solo or riff expression. 
Boasting a wide range of pitch-shifting intervals. 
You'll find all kinds of room whether you're going up, down, or are just looking for little detune.     
Adjusts the harmonic pitch range: 
* WET: Controls the harmonic signal volume 
* DRY: Controls  the original signal volume 
* Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative 
*Current Consumption: 53mA
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Product Weight:0.22kg
Product Size:11.5×4×6.7cm
Package Weight:0.28kg
Package Size:14×8×7cm
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Technical specifications

Condition: New